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messages.foundStickerSetsNotModified#d54b65d = messages.FoundStickerSets;
messages.foundStickerSets#8af09dd2 hash:long sets:Vector<StickerSetCovered> = messages.FoundStickerSets;
messages.searchEmojiStickerSets#92b4494c flags:# exclude_featured:flags.0?true q:string hash:long = messages.FoundStickerSets;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
exclude_featured flags.0?true Exclude featured stickersets from results
q string Query string
hash long Hash used for caching, for more info click here.
Note: the usual hash generation algorithm cannot be used in this case, please re-use the messages.foundStickerSets.hash field returned by a previous call to the method, or pass 0 if this is the first call.



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