Message replies and thread information

messageReplyHeader#afbc09db flags:# reply_to_scheduled:flags.2?true forum_topic:flags.3?true quote:flags.9?true reply_to_msg_id:flags.4?int reply_to_peer_id:flags.0?Peer reply_from:flags.5?MessageFwdHeader reply_media:flags.8?MessageMedia reply_to_top_id:flags.1?int quote_text:flags.6?string quote_entities:flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> quote_offset:flags.10?int = MessageReplyHeader;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
reply_to_scheduled flags.2?true This is a reply to a scheduled message.
forum_topic flags.3?true Whether this message was sent in a forum topic (except for the General topic).
quote flags.9?true Whether this message is quoting a part of another message.
reply_to_msg_id flags.4?int ID of message to which this message is replying
reply_to_peer_id flags.0?Peer For replies sent in channel discussion threads of which the current user is not a member, the discussion group ID
reply_from flags.5?MessageFwdHeader When replying to a message sent by a certain peer to another chat, contains info about the peer that originally sent the message to that other chat.
reply_media flags.8?MessageMedia When replying to a media sent by a certain peer to another chat, contains the media of the replied-to message.
reply_to_top_id flags.1?int ID of the message that started this message thread
quote_text flags.6?string Used to quote-reply to only a certain section (specified here) of the original message.
quote_entities flags.7?Vector<MessageEntity> Message entities for styled text from the quote_text field.
quote_offset flags.10?int Offset of the message quote_text within the original message (in UTF-16 code units).



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