Telegram Premium promotion information

Note that the video_sections+videos fields are a list of videos, and the corresponding premium feature identifiers.
They're equivalent to a section => video dictionary, with keys from video_section and values from videos.
The keys in video_sections correspond to a specific feature identifier, and the associated promotional video should be shown when the associated feature row is clicked.

help.premiumPromo#5334759c status_text:string status_entities:Vector<MessageEntity> video_sections:Vector<string> videos:Vector<Document> period_options:Vector<PremiumSubscriptionOption> users:Vector<User> = help.PremiumPromo;


Name Type Description
status_text string Description of the current state of the user's Telegram Premium subscription
status_entities Vector<MessageEntity> Message entities for styled text
video_sections Vector<string> A list of premium feature identifiers ยป, associated to each video
videos Vector<Document> A list of videos
period_options Vector<PremiumSubscriptionOption> Telegram Premium subscription options
users Vector<User> Related user information



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