A set of message reactions

messages.reactionsNotModified#b06fdbdf = messages.Reactions;
messages.reactions#eafdf716 hash:long reactions:Vector<Reaction> = messages.Reactions;


messages.getTopReactions#bb8125ba limit:int hash:long = messages.Reactions;
messages.getRecentReactions#39461db2 limit:int hash:long = messages.Reactions;
messages.getDefaultTagReactions#bdf93428 hash:long = messages.Reactions;


Constructor Description
messages.reactionsNotModified The server-side list of message reactions hasn't changed
messages.reactions List of message reactions


Method Description
messages.getTopReactions Got popular message reactions
messages.getRecentReactions Get recently used message reactions
messages.getDefaultTagReactions Fetch a default recommended list of saved message tag reactions.

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