Open a bot mini app.

simpleWebViewResultUrl#882f76bb url:string = SimpleWebViewResult;
messages.requestSimpleWebView#1a46500a flags:# from_switch_webview:flags.1?true from_side_menu:flags.2?true bot:InputUser url:flags.3?string start_param:flags.4?string theme_params:flags.0?DataJSON platform:string = SimpleWebViewResult;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
from_switch_webview flags.1?true Whether the webapp was opened by clicking on the switch_webview button shown on top of the inline results list returned by messages.getInlineBotResults.
from_side_menu flags.2?true Set this flag if opening the Mini App from the installed side menu entry » or from a Mini App link ».
bot InputUser Bot that owns the mini app
url flags.3?string Web app URL, if opening from a keyboard button or inline result
start_param flags.4?string Start parameter, if opening from a Mini App link ».
theme_params flags.0?DataJSON Theme parameters »
platform string Short name of the application; 0-64 English letters, digits, and underscores



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 BOT_INVALID This is not a valid bot.
400 URL_INVALID Invalid URL provided.

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