Deletes a device by its token, stops sending PUSH-notifications to it.

boolFalse#bc799737 = Bool;
boolTrue#997275b5 = Bool;
account.unregisterDevice#6a0d3206 token_type:int token:string other_uids:Vector<long> = Bool;


Name Type Description
token_type int Device token type.
Possible values:
1 - APNS (device token for apple push)
2 - FCM (firebase token for google firebase)
3 - MPNS (channel URI for microsoft push)
4 - Simple push (endpoint for firefox's simple push API)
5 - Ubuntu phone (token for ubuntu push)
6 - Blackberry (token for blackberry push)
7 - Unused
8 - WNS (windows push)
9 - APNS VoIP (token for apple push VoIP)
10 - Web push (web push, see below)
11 - MPNS VoIP (token for microsoft push VoIP)
12 - Tizen (token for tizen push)

For 10 web push, the token must be a JSON-encoded object containing the keys described in PUSH updates
token string Device token
other_uids Vector<long> List of user identifiers of other users currently using the client



Possible errors

Code Type Description
400 TOKEN_INVALID The provided token is invalid.

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