Instant view page

page#98657f0d flags:# part:flags.0?true rtl:flags.1?true v2:flags.2?true url:string blocks:Vector<PageBlock> photos:Vector<Photo> documents:Vector<Document> views:flags.3?int = Page;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
part flags.0?true Indicates that not full page preview is available to the client and it will need to fetch full Instant View from the server using messages.getWebPagePreview.
rtl flags.1?true Whether the page contains RTL text
v2 flags.2?true Whether this is an IV v2 page
url string Original page HTTP URL
blocks Vector<PageBlock> Page elements (like with HTML elements, only as TL constructors)
photos Vector<Photo> Photos in page
documents Vector<Document> Media in page
views flags.3?int View count



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