Result of a query to an inline bot

messages.botResults#e021f2f6 flags:# gallery:flags.0?true query_id:long next_offset:flags.1?string switch_pm:flags.2?InlineBotSwitchPM switch_webview:flags.3?InlineBotWebView results:Vector<BotInlineResult> cache_time:int users:Vector<User> = messages.BotResults;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
gallery flags.0?true Whether the result is a picture gallery
query_id long Query ID
next_offset flags.1?string The next offset to use when navigating through results
switch_pm flags.2?InlineBotSwitchPM Whether the bot requested the user to message them in private
switch_webview flags.3?InlineBotWebView  
results Vector<BotInlineResult> The results
cache_time int Caching validity of the results
users Vector<User> Users mentioned in the results