Generated invoice of a bot payment

inputMediaInvoice#8eb5a6d5 flags:# title:string description:string photo:flags.0?InputWebDocument invoice:Invoice payload:bytes provider:string provider_data:DataJSON start_param:flags.1?string extended_media:flags.2?InputMedia = InputMedia;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
title string Product name, 1-32 characters
description string Product description, 1-255 characters
photo flags.0?InputWebDocument URL of the product photo for the invoice. Can be a photo of the goods or a marketing image for a service. People like it better when they see what they are paying for.
invoice Invoice The actual invoice
payload bytes Bot-defined invoice payload, 1-128 bytes. This will not be displayed to the user, use for your internal processes.
provider string Payments provider token, obtained via Botfather
provider_data DataJSON JSON-encoded data about the invoice, which will be shared with the payment provider. A detailed description of required fields should be provided by the payment provider.
start_param flags.1?string Unique bot deep links start parameter. If present, forwarded copies of the sent message will have a URL button with a deep link to the bot (instead of a Pay button), with the value used as the start parameter. If absent, forwarded copies of the sent message will have a Pay button, allowing multiple users to pay directly from the forwarded message, using the same invoice.
extended_media flags.2?InputMedia Extended media



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