A folder imported using a chat folder deep link ».

dialogFilterChatlist#9fe28ea4 flags:# has_my_invites:flags.26?true id:int title:string emoticon:flags.25?string color:flags.27?int pinned_peers:Vector<InputPeer> include_peers:Vector<InputPeer> = DialogFilter;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
has_my_invites flags.26?true Whether the current user has created some chat folder deep links » to share the folder as well.
id int ID of the folder
title string Name of the folder (max 12 UTF-8 chars)
emoticon flags.25?string Emoji to use as icon for the folder.
color flags.27?int A color ID for the folder tag associated to this folder, see here » for more info.
pinned_peers Vector<InputPeer> Pinned chats, folders can have unlimited pinned chats
include_peers Vector<InputPeer> Chats to include in the folder



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Deep links

Telegram clients must handle special tg:// and t.me deep links encountered in messages, link entities and in other apps by registering OS handlers.


Telegram allows placing chats into folders, based on their type, mute status, or other custom criteria, thanks to folder blacklists and whitelists.