Dialog filter AKA folder

dialogFilter#7438f7e8 flags:# contacts:flags.0?true non_contacts:flags.1?true groups:flags.2?true broadcasts:flags.3?true bots:flags.4?true exclude_muted:flags.11?true exclude_read:flags.12?true exclude_archived:flags.13?true id:int title:string emoticon:flags.25?string pinned_peers:Vector<InputPeer> include_peers:Vector<InputPeer> exclude_peers:Vector<InputPeer> = DialogFilter;


Name Type Description
flags # Flags, see TL conditional fields
contacts flags.0?true Whether to include all contacts in this folder
non_contacts flags.1?true Whether to include all non-contacts in this folder
groups flags.2?true Whether to include all groups in this folder
broadcasts flags.3?true Whether to include all channels in this folder
bots flags.4?true Whether to include all bots in this folder
exclude_muted flags.11?true Whether to exclude muted chats from this folder
exclude_read flags.12?true Whether to exclude read chats from this folder
exclude_archived flags.13?true Whether to exclude archived chats from this folder
id int Folder ID
title string Folder name
emoticon flags.25?string Emoji to use as icon for the folder.
pinned_peers Vector<InputPeer> Pinned chats, folders can have unlimited pinned chats
include_peers Vector<InputPeer> Include the following chats in this folder
exclude_peers Vector<InputPeer> Exclude the following chats from this folder



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Telegram allows placing chats into folders, based on their type, mute status, or other custom criteria, thanks to folder blacklists and whitelists.